Friday the 13th

I have nothing that has ever happened to me that was weird on Friday the 13th. Me and my sister would always go to the store on Friday the 13th though and we would shop for snacks and drinks like pop and chips or popcorn. After we would go to the store we would go home get our room all dark and scary then we would watch the scary movies Friday the 13th. By the time we finished watching all the movies its normally really late so we would go to bed after and wouldn’t be able to fall asleep because we were so scared that something was going to happen to us while we were trying to sleep plus mine and my sisters beds were kind of really far from each other. After we cant fall asleep we put on some happy or funny movies that we enjoy and then go to bed with the TV on. The next morning my mom would ask why we stayed up so late because we were really tired then she would yell at up for watching scary movies before bed knowing we were young and would not be able to fall asleep after watching scary movies.

Prescription Drugs

Should legal drugs be banned? some pros that i read is that ads on prescription pills encourage readers or watchers to talk to their doctor about the prescription their using,  Ads inform people about diseases/ medical conditions and possible treatments, prescription drug apps help remove stigma and the ads create revenue for drug companies. Some cons I read are drug ads misinform people, drug ads promote drugs before long term safety information is known, normal conditions and bodily functions are medical and stigmatized by prescription drug ads, drug ads encourage over-medication, drug ads increase healthcare costs. The article i read gave me all pros and cons of Drug Advertisement they talked about how drugs make profit and how the prescription drug can effect your body negatively. They also talked about the good things on prescription drugs. I believe that drug advertisements should exist but you still need to go to your doctor about that drug. Advertisements encourage you to talk to your doctor anyways if you have any questions about that drug because it can effect you badly and some of the pills are very addictive so just taking them inappropriately can lead in results that you would want. In conclusion prescription drugs can be bad and ads on the drugs help readers take them appropriately, do you think we should ban legal prescription pills and drug ads?  will banning it actually decrease deaths due to prescription medicine? what do you believe prescription ads should be used for?  Article link

Black History Month

An African american that made an invention and a impact on the world was George Washington Carter he developed techniques to improve soils for crops which he did by repeatedly planting cotton. He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops (peanuts and sweet potatoes) to improve the quality of their life. He made 105 recipes using peanuts even though none of them became commercially successful. This person is inspirational he tried new things to help better other people and make the quality of other people lives better. I believe that that’s a great impact that he had by repeatedly planting cotton and trying to come up with new recipes. In spite of his work he helped out many farmers he was also a leader in promoting environmentalism and received numerous honors from his work. George Washington Carter was as well a scientist and a chemist and born into slavery in 1864 in Diamond Grove Missouri.  George Washington Carter was also was a champion of crop rotation and agricultural education. Carter died January 5 1943.



This is a basketball made out of clay and it represents me because playing basketball is something i really enjoy doing. I always use to go to the park with my friends all the time and play and its something that i am really good at whenever i went to the park to play it was nice because while i was playing a sport that i really enjoyed i was also always making new friends. Some other things that other people did out of clay was cake, basketballs, volleyball, etc. I was able to just pick up the play doe and create what represented me because i have already started thinking about basketball when i was suppose to create it.



I chose this design and these words because this is what bests describes me. Im hardworking, outstanding, outgoing, a good friend, responsible and respectful and those are all good qualities to have in life especially in a society that we live in today.

Social issues: Abortion

The article was on abortion and it went through the steps telling what it is. Abortion is basically when they take out the fetus before its able to survive out side the uterus and it kills the fetus before its born. The article showed that some people get abortions because of rape, it could of been an accident, or too young to be having a kid. Some people are for it those are usually the ones who support it because of rape and the girl don’t want a strangers baby. Then the ones who are against are usually for if the parent just accidentally got knocked up, or is too young and don’ want their parents to get upset. However the fetus in the situation is not developed so its not a functioning “baby”. Abortions can also be dangerous to the parent and can result in death because your going into the body which you have to cut open first and use medical pliers to pull the fetus out but accidents can happen especially since you have to go inside the body 45% of abortions are done unsafe and there is at least 56 million abortions each year so out of the 56 million 45 percent of them are being done unsafe.