Prescription Drugs

Should legal drugs be banned? some pros that i read is that ads on prescription pills encourage readers or watchers to talk to their doctor about the prescription their using,  Ads inform people about diseases/ medical conditions and possible treatments, prescription drug apps help remove stigma and the ads create revenue for drug companies. Some cons I read are drug ads misinform people, drug ads promote drugs before long term safety information is known, normal conditions and bodily functions are medical and stigmatized by prescription drug ads, drug ads encourage over-medication, drug ads increase healthcare costs. The article i read gave me all pros and cons of Drug Advertisement they talked about how drugs make profit and how the prescription drug can effect your body negatively. They also talked about the good things on prescription drugs. I believe that drug advertisements should exist but you still need to go to your doctor about that drug. Advertisements encourage you to talk to your doctor anyways if you have any questions about that drug because it can effect you badly and some of the pills are very addictive so just taking them inappropriately can lead in results that you would want. In conclusion prescription drugs can be bad and ads on the drugs help readers take them appropriately, do you think we should ban legal prescription pills and drug ads?  will banning it actually decrease deaths due to prescription medicine? what do you believe prescription ads should be used for?  Article link

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